Alumni Spotlight: Andrew Dietz, Class of 2014

This month, Andrew Dietz starts a whole new chapter in his career and we couldn’t be happier to see how things are taking off 🛫🛫 for our former teammate!!


Andrew Dietz

Name: Andrew Dietz
Year Graduated: 2014
Major: Business Management
Years Played: 3
Position: Midfield
Hometown: Westlake
High School: Westlake High

What are you up to now?
I am a flight instructor out of Santa Paula Airport, teaching people how to fly planes. In June of this year I’ll be transitioning to Skywest, a regional airline company flying passenger jets for United, Delta, American, and Alaskan Airlines.

How did you end up at Humboldt and joining the team?
I randomly applied to Humboldt after hearing all the amazing things about it from a friend. When I visited Humboldt for the first time I fell in love with the forest and beaches. I have played lacrosse since I was in middle school and thought it would be fun to join the team up in Humboldt.

What’s your favorite lacrosse moment at Humboldt? On or off the field
My favorite lacrosse moment was the entire season really. It was the best team I had ever been a part of. We had an incredible year won pretty much every game, and the chemistry between everyone was unlike anything I’d ever been a part of. Chris Defony with his missing tooth and laying people out were probably some of the greatest moments I’ve had on the field.

Do you ever get a chance to get back to Humboldt County at all? What places would you go to visit or where would you go to eat/drink?
I’ve been up a handful of times since I graduated. I enjoy going to all the new restaurants and bars in Arcata. Playing disc golf with the friends that are still up there is always something I look forward to!

What does lacrosse mean to you?
Lacrosse is a sport that makes me grow as a person and helps bring out the leader within all of us that you can take on and off the field.

What would you tell someone if they were thinking about going to Humboldt?
You won’t regret it! It’s a beautiful town with lots of fun activities to do.