Alumni Spotlight: Dillon Sheedy, Class of 2017

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Since graduating in 2017, Dillon’s career has been 🔥🔥 (literally)

Name: Dillon Sheedy
Graduated: 2017
Major: Forestry
Position: Goalie

What are you up to now?
Working on obtaining my California professional forester’s license and working full time as the forestry and fuels program director at a non-profit in Trinity County. I spend a lot of my free time fishing, skiing, mountain biking, hiking, etc… Wishing I was still playing lacrosse!

How did you end up at Humboldt?
I was recruited to play football and was interested in the school’s forestry program. When football didn’t work out, I immediately joined the lacrosse team. I knew that HSU lacrosse existed because my dad helped start the program back in the ’80s and I was stoked to continue my competitive sports career with them! It was the best decision I made at HSU. All my best friends and memories from college are tied to the lacrosse program, the games, practices, and of course the road trips…

What’s your favorite lacrosse moment at Humboldt?
I will never forget The Bend Oregon Shootout tournaments in the fall. Beating SOU in 2015, the UNR game at home in 2015 at the Redwood Bowl, one of the best games I have ever been a part of. Dan Balok and Cole Alyward went off and could not be stopped, I had like 23 saves, we should have won that one. Beating San Jose in 2017 to go to the playoffs for the first time in a long time is also a good one

What does lacrosse mean to you?
Lacrosse has always been a big part of my life and means a lot to me… it was a way to escape the stresses and rigors of school for a few hours each week, a way to release some anger on some poor soul too close to my crease… but what I cherish most are the brothers made and teammates I had along the way from high school, to Santa Barbara to Humboldt, the guys that suited up and gave it their all each week will always mean the world to me

What would you tell someone if they were thinking about going to Humboldt?
You will not regret the decision to go to Humboldt. it’s a great place to find yourself and experience the beauty of nature. Such good food, awesome festivals, the beaches and the forests are like nowhere else in California