Alumni Spotlight: Samuel Vogel-Seidenberg, Class of 2010

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Samuel Vogel-Seidenberg

Name: Samuel Vogel-Seidenberg
Graduated: 2010
Major: Film
Years Played: 3-1/2; hurt going into senior year
Position: Goalie
Hometown: Westlake Village, CA
High School: Westlake
What are you up to now?
Head lacrosse coach and assistant AD at Dominican while working on my PhD.
How did you end up at Humboldt and joining the team?
I wanted to play in college, but I was also looking for a hands-on film program where I could make content right away. Humboldt had both and reminded me a lot of the camp I went to every summer. I love the area and the people. I also loved that I could play hockey and lacrosse. I joined the team early on as I reached out before I came to campus. Being a goalie, it was pretty easy to get going with the team, but my first year we just had a president/coach. It was nice in my sophomore season to hire Tony.
What’s your favorite lacrosse moment?
I would say there are three. One would be all the road trips with the guys, especially the ones to Ashland, Oregon as those always were super fun. My favorite on-field moment was the fall tournament we use to host. My junior season won the tournament in OT vs. Portland State — that was an awesome memory. My sophomore and junior season I had the honor to be coached by Andrew Jarolimek in goal. He was a starting goalie at Colgate and was in Humboldt as a Coast Guard trainee. I learned a lot from him about the game, but also how to lead.
What does lacrosse mean to you?
Lacrosse means everything to me. It is my career and my life. Humboldt help me play at the college level, but also helped me start my career as a coach. Without what I learned at Humboldt from Tony, Andrew, and my teammates there is no way I would be where I am and have the success I have had as a coach. So, lacrosse means everything to me.
What would you tell someone thinking about going to Humboldt?
Humboldt is not for everyone, but if you find yourself lucky enough to be a Humboldt student and lacrosse player, it will be the greatest experience of your life and you will make friends for life. I enjoyed every moment, the ups and the downs, but I am very passionate about lacrosse and Humboldt. It is a great place to be and a great place to play.