Alumni Spotlight: Shane Hayes, Class of 2020

In 2017, Shane Hayes was named an @the_mcla Scholar-Athlete which means he’s smart — but if you look at his hobbies 🪂🤿 you might 🤔🤔🤣.

Shane Hayes

Name: Shane Hayes
Year Graduated: 2020
Major: Environmental Resources Engineering
Years Played: 4 (3 with pandemic)
Position: Midfielder/Face-off

What are you up to now?
Working as an energy engineer in Seattle while pursuing my passions of skydiving and paragliding.

How did you end up at Humboldt and joining the team?
I liked HSU’s engineering program and didn’t realize they had a lacrosse team till I walked into the club sports office and asked. I called the president, Dillon Sheedy, the next day to see how I could join.

What’s your favorite lacrosse moment at Humboldt? On or off the field
Definitely the alumni week/game that happened every year!

What does lacrosse mean to you?
A way to work out and have fun with your friends. Also a distraction from the responsibilities of life.

What would you tell someone if they were thinking about going to Humboldt?
It’s in a beautiful location in between the redwood forest and the ocean.

Is there anything you want to add or want people to know?
Let me know when the next alumni game is! And feel free to reach out if there are any engineering majors on the team who have questions.