Alumni Spotlight: Vince Pecoraro, Class of 2019

As a @humboldt_geology graduate, Vince Pecoraro’s life was bound to be rocky.

Now working as a staff geologist, the 2019 all-WCLL long pole defender has been going downhill fast for a long time — and has the pictures to prove it.


Name: Vince Pecoraro
Year Graduated: 2019
Major: Geology
Years Played: 3 at HSU, 4 in high school, 1 in middle
Position: Defense
Hometown: Walnut Creek
High School: Las Lomas

What are you up to now?
Staff geologist at a Geotech firm

How did you end up at Humboldt and joining the team?
Transferred from SBCC (@sbccmenslacrosse) and wanted to find a sense of community at this new school, so when I found out there was a lax team, I joined instantly

What’s your favorite lacrosse moment at Humboldt?
The road trips with the boys will always be my favorite. From bonding with new players to getting Hog wild with the homies. And our van BLASTING @tenaciousd songs wherever we went.

Do you ever get a chance to get back to Humboldt County at all?
I love coming back to visit, especially in the summer. My favorite places would have to be @humbrews_official and @deadreckoningtavern and then the occasional 2 am stroll to @tonisrestaurant for a late-night snack

What does lacrosse mean to you?
Lacrosse = Family. Always has and always will! Every single Hog member is a brother to me. We came to HSU as individual bros and created a bond that will last forever 🐗🥍

What do you want people to know about downhill skating?
It’s never too late to learn! The California downhill skate scene is alive and well. We always have events planned so come out if you want! From NorCal to SoCal, we have people everywhere and welcome anyone that wants to learn! I do it because the rush is like nothing else in the world. Been skating since 2003 and it has taught me that falling and failing is part of life. What counts is if you get back up and try again. And going 50+ mph is just crazy fun💯