Alumni Spotlight: Wesley Radulovich, HOF Class of 1997

A gentle giant off the field, Wes made an immediate impact for Humboldt Lacrosse when he stepped between the lines — especially if you were an attackman for the opposing team.

After three memorable seasons with HSU, Wes transferred and played at Colorado College before moving back to LA where he lives now.

Wesley Radulovich

Name: Wesley Radulovich
Major: Psychology; Native American Studies minor
Years at Humboldt: 90-92
Position: Defense
Hometown: Los Angeles
High School: Highland Hall

What are you up to now?
Father, school teacher, and old man athlete

How did you end up joining the team?
I wanted to play lacrosse, but I didn’t know anything about it. Greg Magnus had his Crooked Arrow long pole in our dorm lounge. He handed it to me, and the rest as they say is history.

What’s your favorite lacrosse moment? On or off the field
My favorite moment was getting my Humboldt Hogs Hall of Fame nod … and meeting Greg, he is one of my best friends

What places do you visit when you get back to Humboldt County?
I haven’t been back since 2005. When I got there I’d ride my mountain bike up into the redwoods behind campus for a few hours, surf Patrick’s Point and the Jetty, and then play every disc golf course in the county. Afterward, I would chow down at Hey Juan’s and Los Bagels.

What does lacrosse mean to you?
It has been a blessing in my life. From age 20 until my late 30s it was my favorite competitive activity — being a single dad I had to change my priorities. I was able to play very competitive lacrosse in California, Colorado and back East. Lacrosse was something that was ever-present in my college years and I met some of my best friends playing it. I got to coach at UCLA which allowed me to pay the lacrosse community back. And I was able to help players who came to lacrosse late — like me — find out just how special and amazing this sport is.

What would you tell someone if they were thinking about going to Humboldt?
It is a great place to be and you’ll love your time at @humboldtpolytechnic

Is there anything you want to add or want people to know?
I just can’t thank my Hogs coaches enough. Judge, Mark D, and James K. helped me more than they will ever know.