Daniel Eggert Named Head Coach Prior to 2022 Season

The Humboldt Lacrosse Foundation announced a coaching change for the 2022 season with the naming of Daniel Eggert as head lacrosse coach. Jeff Bertotti, who previously helmed the team, will stay on staff in an administrative role.

Born and raised in Novato, California, Eggert has played lacrosse since the third grade and said he was eager to lead the team.

Coach Daniel Eggert
Coach Dan and Cooper

“Lacrosse has always been a big part of my life and I’m glad it’s back in my life because I really missed it,” he said.

An outstanding prep school long-stick middie, Eggert played varsity all four years at Novato High and was named first-team all-league three years in a row.

After high school, Eggert decided to pursue other interests including acting. Eventually graduating from Columbia College with a degree in fire technology, Eggert worked as a firefighter for two years in Tuolumne County before moving to Humboldt County.

Eggert said he had known about Humboldt State’s lacrosse team since high school because the team would occasionally play at Novato High. When he moved to Arcata, he said, the idea to get back into the sport began to grow.

As a new coach, Eggert said he plans to focus on recruiting, conditioning and installing a zone defense. A self-proclaimed “terrible social media person,” Eggert also committed to increasing his online presence and can now be found on Instagram at jackslaxcoach707.

“I love coaching and I love teaching,” Eggert said. “I might even call this a dream come true because it’s something I’ve always really wanted to do. Having the opportunity to coach the Humboldt team is quite the honor and I appreciate the opportunity.”

Humboldt Lacrosse Foundation President Judge Taylor said he is excited to have Eggert’s enthusiasm and energy to help lead the program into the future.

“Novato has a long history of excellent lacrosse and there is a lot of serendipity between its program and the WCLL,” Taylor said. “We’re excited to have Daniel on the sidelines for many years to come.”