Humboldt Lacrosse Player Spotlight: Gino Grier

To kick off Finals Week, it’s our final player spotlight of 2023, and we saved the best for last!

We first met Gino back in early 2022 when he was a plucky freshman, reading Dostoevsky and watching “Hobo with a Shotgun.” Growing up in Monterey County, Gino worked construction jobs to earn money and eventually got “tired of swinging the hammer.” Now a junior at Cal Poly Humboldt, Gino is studying business so he can stay in the construction industry but only drop hammers 🔨🔨 on the lacrosse field.

Our resident rock ‘n’ roll LSM, Gino has always answered the call when content was needed over the past three seasons, and we always appreciate his contributions.

Thanks, Gino! 🤠🤠


Name: Gino Grier
Year: Junior
Position: Defense / LSM
Major: Business Accounting
Hometown: Prunedale, CA
High School: Palma School
Did you play in high school? All 4 Years

Personality Profile

Why did you choose Humboldt?
Came from a small town near the coast to a smaller town closer to it

What is your main motivation for playing lacrosse?
The boys keep me motivated every day. Playing defense, I take it personally when Justin eats a shot I should’ve been in front of.

What would a successful season of lacrosse be for you?
I wanna never lose again.

What do you like to do in your free time?
I play guitar and bass, I’m learning banjo and lap steel, and work on/ride motorcycles.

If you could have lunch with any person, who would it be and why?
Charles Bukowski. What a wild guy

What do you enjoy most about lacrosse?
Big hits, good chirps, and camaraderie

Rapid Fire Quiz

What are you listening to? 🎶
“Willie Nelson,” by Clutch

My favorite show is… 📺

My favorite ice cream is… 🍦
In a root beer float

Pizza toppings ranked (top 3) 🍕
1) Margherita 2) Hawaiian 3) Pesto and pine nuts

What era would you time travel to? ⏳

What makes you happiest? 😋
Sunny and 75 on my bike on the freeway

If you were an app, you’d be… 📲

If I were a candy bar, I’d be…🍫
Do they still make candy cigarettes?

If you were a celebrity, you’d be… 😎
A founding member of Lynyrd Skynyrd

If you were an animal, you’d be… 🐾
A badger