Humboldt Lacrosse player spotlight: Luis Perez

Luis Perez advances the ball against Diablo Valley College // Photo by Veronica Stewart

Equally happy putting the ball in the back of the net as he is putting an opponent on their back, Luis Perez is the kind of midfielder we love at Humboldt Lacrosse.

The big freshman is looking to make an impact during his first season at Cal Poly Humboldt and we can’t wait to watch the show! 🍿🍿

And speaking of show, @humboldtcenterarts, it sure would be great if you hook our guy up with some @jaylenosgarage tickets!!!


Luis Perez and his father hold a large fish they just caught while deep sea fishing

Name: Luis Perez
Year: Freshman
Position: Middie
Major: Business administration
Hometown: San Marcos
High School: Mission Hills / @mhhsboyslax
Did you play in high school? Three Years

Personality Profile
What is your main motivation for playing lacrosse?
It’s a lot of fun to play and connect with a team and improve together.

What would a successful season of lacrosse be for you?
Scoring lots of goals and putting some bodies on the ground.

What do you like to do in your free time?
I like to lift weights and go fishing.

If you could have lunch with anyone, who would it be and why?
Jay Leno (@jaylenosgarage) so we could talk about cars the whole time.

What do you enjoy most about lacrosse?
The fact that anyone on the field can score and you can lay people out.

Rapid Fire Quiz

What are you listening to? 🎶
EDM hardstyle

My favorite show is… 📺
One Piece

My favorite ice cream is… 🍦

Pizza toppings ranked (top 3) 🍕
Pineapple, ham, jalapeños

What era would you time travel to? ⏳
Old western times so I could be a cowboy

What makes you happiest? 😋
Being out in a boat in Baja catching fish with my dad

If you were an app you’d be… 📲
Netflix cause everybody like Netflix

What would you name a pet turtle? 🐢
Checo, like the F1 driver

If you were a celebrity, you’d be… 😎
Lewis Hamilton because I wanna be a race car driver

If you were an animal, you’d be… 🐾
A great white because I wanna travel through the ocean as a shark

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