Humboldt Lacrosse Player Spotlight: Thomas Melonja

Thomas Melonja is all about competition.

A 6-foot-6 finance major from Pennsylvania, Thomas came to Humboldt to play basketball but decided to give lacrosse a try after hanging up his sneakers.

“After I left basketball, I wanted to pivot to keep myself active,” he said. “Jordan left to play baseball. I figured I could leave to play lacrosse.”

Despite his inexperience, the Humboldt Lacrosse coaching staff was blown away by Thomas’ knowledge of offensive and defensive fundamentals.

“He’s a stud,” assistant coach Gus Johnson said. “His lacrosse IQ is through the roof — it would be impressive from a veteran, from a first-year player it’s just silly. Bringing his basketball background to his off-ball movement and man-down D has been a huge weapon for us. I’m heartbroken we only get him for one more game.”

For his part, Thomas said he “loves the process of getting better” and recommends not being shy when it comes to networking or learning new skills.

“You never know who within 100 yards can help you,” he said. “A closed mouth can’t be fed. Ask for help and meet people.”

Name: Thomas Melonja
Year: Senior
Position: Middie
Major: Finance
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
High School: Peters Township
Did you play in high school? No

Personality Profile
Why did you choose Humboldt?

Took me across the country

What is your motivation for playing lacrosse?

What would a successful season be for you?
Compete, win & improve

What do you like to do in your free time?
Cook, play piano, day trade

If you could have lunch with any person…
Jay Z. I want to get my money up.

What do you enjoy most about lacrosse?
Seeing progress and competing with a team.

Rapid Fire Quiz
What are you listening to? 🎶

Miroirs: III Une barque sur l’ocean

My favorite show is… 📺

My favorite ice cream is… 🍦
Mint chocolate chip

Pizza toppings (top 3) 🍕
Pepperoni, green peppers, everything else

What era would you time travel to? ⏳
2009 recession

What makes you happiest? 😋

If you were an app you’d be… 📲
Google Maps

What would you name a pet turtle? 🐢
Young boul

If you were a celebrity, you’d be… 😎

If you were an animal, you’d be…🐾