Humboldt Player Spotlight: Gino Grier

Our resident renaissance man, Gino is now entering his second season with Humboldt Lacrosse. When he’s not on the field with his teammates, Gino enjoys making music and riding the backroads of Humboldt County on his motorcycle.


Name: Gino Grier
Year: Sophomore
Position: Attack/Middie/Defense/LSM
Major: Business administration
Hometown: Salinas, CA
High School: Palma
Did you play in high school?
All 4 Years @palma_lacrosse

Personality Profile

What is your main motivation for playing lacrosse?
Love the sport

What would a successful season of lacrosse be for you?
Mayhem, first and foremost

What do you like to do in your free time?
Play a couple instruments, ride a couple motorcycles.

If you could have lunch with any person alive or dead, who would it be and why?
Henry David Thoreau, because sometimes I want to drop out of life and live in the woods too.

What do you enjoy most about lacrosse?
Making the other team hate me and hate themselves.

Rapid Fire Quiz

What are you listening to? 🎶
Acid Bath

My favorite show is… 📺
Trailer Park Boys

My favorite ice cream is… 🍦
Cookies and Cream

Pizza toppings ranked (top 3) 🍕
Hawaiian, Margherita, peach and brisket

What era would you time travel to? ⏳
In 2017 I made the best sandwich of my entire life and I would, in a heartbeat, crush that sando again for closure.

What makes you happiest? 😋
Night rides

What would you name a pet turtle? 🐢

If you were a celebrity, you’d be… 😎
Willie Nelson

If you were an animal, you’d be… 🐾