Player spotlight: Zack Gamble, senior goalie

Teddy Roosevelt famously said, “Speak softly and Carry a Big Stick.”

As an all-conference goalie in 2020, Zack Gamble definitely adheres to one half of that statement, but as an outspoken leader and team captain, he’s not afraid to have his voice heard in the huddle.


Zack Gamble

Name: Zack Gamble
Year: Senior
Major: New Venture Management and Political Science double major
Position: Goalie
Hometown: San Ramon
High School: California

Did you play in high school?
Four years at @calhighmenslax

What are your main motivations for playing lacrosse?
This game, especially my position, is an extension of who I am as a person. I’ve been playing lacrosse since I was a little kid, it means everything to me.

What would a successful season of lacrosse be for you?
Continually growing and developing as a player, leader, and individual.

What do you like to do in your free time?
Travel, hike, snowboard, and ride my motorcycle. I love doing anything that takes me “out there” wherever that may be. I’m happiest when the wind in the trees is the only thing making noise.

Favorite Food
Fried chicken in any form

Favorite Movie/TV show
The Other Guys

Favorite Book
Plato’s Republic. We wouldn’t have modern-day dystopian fiction without it.

If you could have lunch with any person alive or dead, who would it be and why?
Teddy Roosevelt: Statesman, warrior, poet, conservationist. I’d want to have a conversation with someone who rose to the occasion every time he faced adversity and never let life’s hardships prevent him from achieving greatness.

What do you most enjoy about lacrosse?
It takes a lot of willpower to overcome the ~1.5 million years of evolutionary biology that screams “Get out of the way!” when something is flying at your face at 90 miles an hour. Goalie is a battle of wills with yourself as much as the other team, and out of every sport I’ve ever done, nothing gives me more satisfaction than winning that battle. That and getting to suit up every week with a squad of warriors to crack some skulls and take some names.