You can now donate online to the Humboldt State Men’s Lacrosse team!!

Give Until It Hurts
There is an on going need, each and every year, to help support the Humboldt State men’s lacrosse program.

Finances and Player Dues
As always, donations of cash, equipment or apparel to the club are greatly appreciated. 2013_group-shot
The program is about 80 percent self-financed but does receive a substantial amount of operational support from the Sport Club office. As anyone with experience knows, many lacrosse programs nationwide are self-funded. This predicament allows our alumni and parents the chance to really make a difference by providing much needed support.

Player donations are collected through the fall with the final amount due before leaving on Winter Break. That allows for final preparations to be made prior to the start of the season. The total amount each player must raise is $1,000 per year. This includes travel, league dues, officials costs, administrative costs, field supplies and all the remaining budget items involved with operating the team at a championship level.  The annual operating budget is more than $30,000!

Every bit helps
I wish to make a small plea to you all for donations of any amount to help us make it through the season. I’ve covered the costs for league dues ($3,500) uniforms ($2,200), nets and goals and balls ($600), team helmets ($600) etc, as well as other miscellaneous expenses, but it is unsustainable for one person.

I’ve increased dues each year, but it would be great to get some more help in this area, as the players can’t raise all of it. Unlike other coaches in the WCLL, I do not get paid, and I am fine with that. I just can’t continue spending money to keep these (mostly working class) kids on the field and in the league. The players are selling tacos and sushi on the quad, and hitting local businesses for donations, which helps, but we need more. I’ve got two players that almost had to drop out of school last term due to tardy Pell Grants.

What we are hoping is that alumni, parents and sponsors will send us a gift — anything — to help us continue to improve and more importantly maintain the program, so players today can reminisce about their experiences with HSU lacrosse.

A little goes a long way.

Click here to donate to the Humboldt State Men’s Lacrosse team!!

Thanks in advance,

Tony Silvaggio
Head Coach
HSU Men’s Lacrosse