Hall of Fame

‘Many are called but few are chosen’

Former HSU players and coaches can only be elected into the Hall if they attend an alumni game. Only then can Hall members vote the former player or coach into the most rarefied of sporting achievements. Joe Montana may have four Super Bowl rings, but he will never be a member of the Humboldt Lacrosse Hall of Fame.

Inducted Name Years Active
1990 James Kircher founder; player-coach 1983-1986; head coach 1992-1994
1990 Brian Maready player 1984-87
1991 Steve Smith player 1983-87
1991 Judge Taylor player 1984-87; player-coach 1986-87; head coach 1987-90
1992 Sid Sin player 1988-90
1992 Mike Takeshita player 1987-89
1993 John Mahoney founder; player 1983-87
1994 Josh Jensen player 1989-92
1994 Kevin “KK” Kilkenny player 1984-86
1995 Carl player 1993-95
1995 Jon Hardesty player 1989-92; assistant coach 1992
1996 Philip Pridmore-Brown player 1989-94
1997 Jeff “Dwight” Bedwell player 1983-86; head coach 1995-97
1997 Wes Radulovich player 1989-92
2015 Dylan Rode player 2010-13
2015 Tony Silvaggio player 1995; coach 2007-2018
2016 Jason Foulds player 1984-1988
2016 Cole Aylward player 2013-2016
2017 Sammy Vogel-Seidenberg player 2006-2010
2017 Daniel Balok player 2012-2015
2018 Dillon Sheedy player 2015-2017


Post-Season Honors


Logan Salcuni, defense: WCLL Honorable Mention All-Conference


Michael Elliot, attack: WCLL Second Team All-Conference
Trevor Houghton, defense: WCLL Second Team All-Conference
Logan Salcuni, defense: WCLL Honorable Mention All-Conference
Shane Hayes, FOS: WCLL Honorable Mention All-Conference


Cole Aylward, attack: WCLL First Team All-Conference
Sam Barton, attack: WCLL Second Team All-Conference
Dillon Sheedy, goalie: WCLL Second Team All-Conference
Keenan McCarron, defense: WCLL Honorable Mention All-Conference


Cole Aylward, attack: WCLL First Team All-Conference
Daniel Balok, attack: MCLA Honorable Mention All-America; WCLL First Team All-Conference
Dillon Sheedy, goalie: WCLL Honorable Mention All-Conference
Juan Climaco, FOS: WCLL Honorable Mention All-Conference


Cole Aylward, attack: MCLA Honorable Mention All-America; WCLL First Team All-Conference
Michael Grady, goalie: WCLL Second Team All-Conference
Spencer Knutson, defensive midfielder: WCLL Second Team All-Conference SS Mid Defense
Alex Wilborn, midfield: WCLL Second Team All-Conference


Daniel Balok, attack: WCLL Second Team All-Conference
Samuel Barton, attack: WCLL Second Team All-Conference
Will Barton, coach: WCLL Coach of the Year
Dylan Rode, defense: Third Team MCLA All-America; WCLL First Team All-Conference; WCLL Defensive Player of the Year


Daniel Balok, attack: WCLL First Team All-Conference
Jeff Bertotti, goalie: WCLL Honorable Mention All-Conference
Dylan Rode, defense: WCLL First Team All-Conference
Tyler Ulrey, defense: WCLL Honorable Mention All-Conference
Alex Wilborn, midfield: WCLL First Team All-Conference


Doug Paige, attack: WCLL All-Conference
Will Yavorsky, defense: WCLL All-Conference


Wes Radulovich, defense: WCLL All-Conference


John Lewis, defense: WCLL All-Conference
Wes Radulovich, defense: WCLL All-Conference


Erik Wayland, defense: WCLL All-Conference


Mike Takeshita, midfield: WCLL All-Conference


Marshall Doud, midfield: WCLL All-Conference


Brian Maready, midfield: WCLL All-Conference


Brian Maready, midfield: WCLL All-Conference


Brock Falkenberg, defense: WCLL All-Conference
Ed Pert, attack: WCLL All-Conference